Igor Khromov blog

About me

My name is Igor Khromov and I’m a software engineer with extensive experience in developing mobile and web-based applications.

This is my personal blog where I post “breadcrumbs” for my memory and people who are looking for the ways to build quality products much faster.

I’m located in Kiev, Ukraine but have been working as a remote engineer since 2013. I’m currently working as a Java Software Engineer and throughout my career I was CTO and tech lead in marketplace startup SellitApp that was acquired in 2015 and I have founded my own Lipcha to help people to learn the English language faster.

My passion is building simple products, that work really good. This is always a challenge so I need to extend my knowledge and learn new things all the time.

I have a master’s degree in Computer Science from Kharkiv National Air Force University in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Actually, I’m an engineer with a passion for building quality software, especially tools that help to speed up and automate software development.

I love Open Source and this blog is a part of it. All code examples from blog postings will be shared under MIT license on my GitHub account.

Hiring me

I have the experience to work for big companies and startups. If you need help with your project, just send me an email.


You can contact me via: